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    ToyNews (04 Dec 2019)

    Hasbro releases flurry of Monopoly editions

    HASBRO has launched a number of new versions of Monopoly, including a quick and long version and a PRIMARK-themed version. The Monopoly Primark edition was created by Hasbro's Monopoly licensing partner WINNING MOVES who brokered the deal. The real estate in the game focuses on Primark's in-store range and players can buy and build Primark stores. It is available exclusively in its 119 UK stores. Monopoly Speed is lightning fast version which must be finished in 10 minutes. Players have to race to buy, trade and sell properties with no break between each stage. Monopoly: Longest Game Ever comes with 66 properties to buy, 40 spaces and one die. The game doesn't end until someone owns every single property.

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    Diary Directory (03 Oct 2019)

    Primark appoints Fashion Communications Press Officer

    PRIMARK has appointed Khloe Prosser to the position of fashion communications press officer. She starts in November, covering Sian Nash's maternity leave.

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