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    The Drum (10 Jul 2015)

    CHANNEL 4 is allowing its viewers to choose what they see during its ad breaks for the first time. On 10 July at 9:45pm, viewers will be able to change between three performances by Years & Years using #ChooseDark #ChooseLight or #ChooseShadow, which refer to the style of each video. Every 30 seconds, tweets will be tallied and the most popular choice will play in full screen while the two other videos are displayed as insets. The stunt was created with POLYDOR RECORDS, Channel 4, MEDIACOM and THE OUTFIT and the performances will be available online, on social media and on the band’s website after they has have aired.

    Exclusive (30 Jan 2015)

    POLYDOR has recruited Marina Mansour to the position of business development manager.