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    Campaign (09 Oct 2017)

    Max Factor launches bespoke ads for boutique cinemas

    MAX FACTOR has entered into a nine-month advertising partnership with CURZON, Everyman and PICTUREHOUSE CINEMAS, and will feature bespoke ads around movie releases. The 60-second spots, created by RECIPE, will outline how to "Create the look" of that film. The deal was brokered by ZENITH with DIGITAL CINEMA MEDIA, which manages sales for the boutique cinema chains.

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    The Drum (01 Sep 2017)

    Global connects the orchestra and typography to celebrate Classic FM at 25

    CLASSIC FM is celebrating its 25th birthday with a new campaign created by MR PRESIDENT. A 30-second cinema ad runs under the theme of 'you may not know the name, but you will know the music' playing on the idea that many people enjoy classical music even if they do not know what the tracks are called. The spot plays famous classical pieces whilst on-screen text describes the kind of movie scene the music would accompany without revealing the names of the tracks. It will run in PICTUREHOUSE cinemas across the UK.

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