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    bbc.co.uk (22 Mar 2018)

    Photobox ad showing boy sitting on dog cleared after complaints

    PHOTOBOX has been cleared by the ASA after receiving 212 complaints about one of its ads which shows a young boy sitting on a Great Dane. The advertiser stated that the dog and child were filmed separately and there was no point at which the boy ever actually sat on the dog, also proving that a qualified vet was present during filming. The advert was also not to be shown during children's programming, thus the advertising watchdog concluded that children were unlikely to try and emulate the pose with their own pets.

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    PR Week (28 Feb 2018)

    Frank snapped up by Photobox

    FRANK has been appointed by PHOTOBOX to support its project The Crown from the Crowd, a crowd-sourced photographic biography of the Royal Family.

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