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    Campaign (09 Oct 2017)

    Philips launches global marketing initiative 'Better me, better world'

    PHILLIPS is working with OGILlVYONE on an initiative that allows the electrical brand’s customers decide what social causes it should support for 2018. Once customers have purchased a product and registered, they are directed to the ‘Better Me, better world’ page, which has information about the healthcare causes Philips supports. The initiative is part of Philips' stated goal of improving the lives of three billion people each year by 2025.

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    The Drum (11 Sep 2017)

    Philips Hue turns the spotlight on making everyday moments extraordinary

    PHILIPS HUE has launched a new campaign to promote its wireless lighting system and how everyday moments can be improved by mood lighting. Created by Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam, the 'Light Your Home Smarter' activity shows the versatility of the lighting system, including 'sun light', 'party light' and watching football with 'goal light'.

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