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    Convenience Store (03 Jan 2020)

    PMI to launch ?Iqos heated tobacco device in convenience channel

    PMI is launching its heated tobacco Iqos device and menthol Heets products in UK retailers. The 'novel' classification of the items mean they are exempt from at EU-wide ban on menthol cigarettes coming into force from 20 May. The offering will included a Iqos Menthol starter kit with Turquoise and Blue Heets, and the brand is looking to add more menthol variants in time for the ban including one with a stronger menthol flavour. 

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    Campaign (19 Nov 2019)

    Philip Morris kicks off international effort to promote a smoke-free future

    PHILIP MORRIS has launched a campaign focused on its FDA authorised IQOS device, to encourage legal aged smokers to switch to the less harmful alternative. The 'Simply Amazing' campaign will also roll out in Europe and Asia with all assets running without logos or copy to comply with regulations. The brand is not running the campaign in the US as it has a distribution for its product with Altria, which is currently testing IQOS in Atlanta. 

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