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    Campaign (15 Oct 2019)

    Pernod Ricard's quest to give global activations a local feel

    PERNOD RICARD hosted a four-day festival for London's underground music scene in early October. Partnering with Boiler Room, the drinks giant paired its brands with different music genres: jazz with Beefeater gin, rap with Jameson whiskey, bass with Ballantine's Scotch, and club with Absolut vodka. It will put on similar events in LA and Johannesburg, tailoring them to the local market. The series is being delivering by Boiler Room's in-house agency Brand Labs.

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    The Grocer (14 Oct 2019)

    Carlsberg unveils duo of prototype paper beer bottles

    CARLSBERG has developed two prototype paper beer bottles. The products include a new recipe and bottles made from sustainably-sourced wood fibre, which are fully recyclable. The beer is encased with a thin, recycled PET film barrier. Carlsberg has launched Paboco (The Paper Bottling Company), a joint venture between the brand, packaging company BillerudKorsnäs, and bottle manufacturer Alpla. COCA-COLA, ABSOLUT and L’ORÉAL have also signed up to the initiative, which aims to advance sustainable packaging across the food and drink industry. 

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