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    The Drum (18 Apr 2019)

    Parkinson's Is... By Engine

    PARKINSON'S UK marked World Parkinson's Day on 11 April with a campaign that raises awareness of the brutality and gravity of the condition that affects two people every hour. 'Parkinson's Is' by ENGINE features four individuals as they talk about what Parkinson's is to them, one explaining that 'Parkinson's is my depression' and another 'Parkinson's is my slowness of movement'. The campaign seeks to educate the general public on the condition, to show that it is far more than just the shake. The work will run for six weeks on Broadcast VoD and across FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM social channels. MEDIACOM handled media.

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    Exclusive (03 Oct 2017)

    PARKINSON'S UK has appointed David Salmon to the role of marketing manager, brand.