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    The Furnishing Report (19 Jun 2018)

    Paddy Power delivers mobile ‘Drunk Tank’ to Royal Ascot

    PADDY POWER has vowed to stop alcohol-fueled nonsense created by drunk racegoers at ROYAL ASCOT by introducing its 'Drunk Tank', a converted lorry with a glass tank in which to hold, as well as name and shame, drunken troublemakers. It has also created Paddy Power-branded wheelbarrows in which to cart drunks off the streets of the usually respectable town. The work was created by Taylor Herring and the betting shop's in-house team. A 60-second ad highlighting the activation will run during Royal Ascot Week on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE and INSTAGRAM

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    PR Week (18 Jun 2018)

    Betfair (and some football legends) shock local five-a-side team in World Cup prank

    BETFAIR has rolled out a new campaign created by Taylor Herring which pranked local football fans. They responded to a leaflet supposedly from a five-a-side amateur team, which boasted '100s of goals scored all over the world' and invited local teams to try to beat them. The respondents were greeted at first by five overweight and middle-aged competitors, before they brought on their 'substitutes' who are all professional football players.

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