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    Campaign (06 Aug 2019)

    Pilgrim's Choice "Dishes of your dreams" by Above & Beyond

    PILGRIM'S CHOICE has launched a series of trippy spots highlighting the powers of cheese. 'The cheese of your dreams' campaign, created by ABOVE & BEYOND, sees burgers transforming into volcanoes in what can be described as a food-fuelled drug trip. The brand is also working with shoppable content platform Whisk to allow consumers to purchase the ingredients used in each spot.

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    Campaign (21 May 2018)

    Pilgrims Choice 'Charlie's dream' by Above & Beyond

    PILGRIMS CHOICE has launched an unusual ad that blends live performance, puppetry and CGI to recreate a person's real dream. 'Charlie's dream' by ABOVE & BEYOND sees a dreamer sitting on a bench when her arms start to grow enormously, the arms reach a restaurant in the sky and they find a pirate eating many cheesy snacks. The arms then tie up the pirate and lets the food he was eating escape. Pilgrims Choice is encouraging viewers to share their cheese-related dreams using the hashtag #CheeseDreams. Media was handled by Yonder.

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