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    The Verge (18 May 2018)

    OnePlus 6 announced with a glass back and a notched 6.3-inch display

    ONEPLUS has announced the launched of its latest Android device, the OnePlus 6. The new smartphone includes a notch at the top of the 6.3-inch 19:9 OLED display which has been met by some fan criticism and a new glass back, replacing the aluminium case of previous models. The phone is on sale 22 May, with a starting price of $529 (£393).

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    Campaign (04 Apr 2018)

    OnePlus ad with bloody corpses banned by ASA

    THE ADVERTISING STANDARDS AUTHORITY has ruled to ban a ONEPLUS ad for the OnePlus 5 model after 28 complaints about an 'excessively gory' ad. Created by LUCKY GENERALS, the spot is a parody of slasher films, opening with a chainsaw-wielding man advancing on a teenage girl sat outside a rural cabin. The girl starts taking photos on her phone, and immediately after, a bloody teenage boy emerges from the woods and tells her she should be using the superior OnePlus 5 to take photos instead. The ASA accepted that the ad was intended to be tongue-in-cheek, but directed that it couldn't be shown again in its current form as the final scene which shows bloody body parts of the two teenagers could cause undue distress to viewers.

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