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    Press Release (05 Feb 2019)

    New Ocean study shows how Piccadilly Lights drive brand status and positive audience emotion

    OCEAN, operator of London's Piccadilly Lights, has revealed the results of a survey it conducted with 400 people, which demonstrates attitudes towards the advertising site. The research found the site is an iconic, modern, global landmark that elicits a positive response. Fewer people than the previous year described the site as 'flashy' or 'cluttered'. Brands featured on the site were classified as 'prestigious', 'big' and 'first class', and advertisers classified as 'global', 'industry leaders', 'fashionable', 'high-tech' and 'trendsetters'. 48% of respondents said they felt confident about the brands displayed on the Lights, suggesting it is a safe and trusted platform. The survey has been conducted each year since the Lights relaunched in 2017.

    Press Release (14 Jan 2019)

    Southampton becomes Ocean Outdoor's 12th city win

    OCEAN OUTDOOR has picked up an exclusive contract from Southampton City Council to provide a 100 percent roadside, city centre large format advertising screens solution in Southampton. The deal, which was won following a competitive pitch, will see Ocean replace and upgrade the city's current billboards to include enhanced digital screens, drive environmental standards and improve aesthetics.