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    The Grocer (27 Nov 2018)

    Babease and Ikea team up for child nutrition giveaway

    IKEA is to giveaway two pouch meals from babyfood startup Babease to customers with infants. Babease, which is launching new Beef Ragu, Mexican Bean, and Strawberry, Apple, Coconut Water, Brown Rice and Quinoa variants, has become the Swedish retailer's exclusive babyfood brand. From mid-December, the new pouches for feeding stages one and two will be available to buy from TESCO and OCADO

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    The Grocer (17 Oct 2018)

    Ocado pledges further cuts to its single-use plastic packaging

    OCADO will stop using non-recyclable plastic packaging on its own-label products by Christmas. It has already made reductions in its plastic use that it says will prevent seven million pieces of non-recyclable plastic going to landfill. The retailer is also looking into sustainable alternatives to plastic bags.

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