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    The Grocer (18 Sep 2018)

    Cow & Gate rolls out Little Bowls microwave baby meals

    COW & GATE has launched a line of microwavable meals for children above seven months. The products are designed to be eaten directly from the bowl and come in Creamy Pasta with Spinach, Herby Chicken Casserole, One-Pot Pork & Veggies, Mashed Potato, Beef & Veggies, Steamed Cod & Veggies, and Artichoke & Carrot Casserole variants. The no added sugar or salt products also contain no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives. They are available now from ASDA.

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    Campaign (10 Sep 2018)

    Cow & Gate calls digital and CRM review

    COW & GATE and Aptamil are reviewing their digital and CRM accounts, and have contacted agencies for RFIs. The review, handled by Creativebrief, will see incumbent Unlimited repitch for the business.

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