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    The Grocer (25 Jan 2019)

    Food Foundation veg campaign hits the small screen

    ITV debuted The Food Foundation's long-awaited vegetable TV ad after it secured millions of pounds worth of donations to create the first-of-its-kind campaign. The Peas Please campaign titled 'Eat them to defeat them' sees children fighting back against evil anthropomorphic vegetables that have overwhelmed the adults. The only way to stop the vegetables is to eat them all en masse. The £2m campaign featured during ITV programmes Coronation Street, The Voice and Dancing On Ice over the weekend. All the major retailers, discounters and BIRDS EYE have pledged their support for the campaign.

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    The Grocer (04 Nov 2018)

    Captain Birdseye stars in his own calendar

    BIRDS EYE has created a limited edition 2019 calendar featuring Captain Birds Eye. It includes 12 images of the new, more 'rugged' Captain to capitalise on the popularity of the character following his recent return to advertising. Customers can purchase a calendar by telling Birds Eye how they like their fish fingers.

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