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    Campaign (01 Apr 2019)

    Nissan "ULEZ ready" by TBWA\London

    NISSAN has launched a personalised digital out-of-home campaign that warns customers of the impending Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) charge in London. Created by TBWA\LONDON, the ads respond in real time to cars at congested traffic light locations. Car number plates are cross-referenced with DVLA data and the DOOH screen references the car by its make and colour, with a note saying a charge will incur from 8 April if it enters the ULEZ zone. Nissan is promoting the fact that the Nissan LEAF is exempt from the charge as the car is 100% electric. Media was handled by MANNING GOTTLIEB.

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    Other (13 Mar 2019)

    Nissan promotes Arun Prasad to chief marketing manager

    NISSAN has promoted Arun Prasad to the role of chief marketing manager for passenger vehicles.

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