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    PR Week (10 Aug 2018)

    NHS plans multimillion-pound campaign to push opt-out organ donation

    NHS BLOOD & TRANSPORT is planning an £18m four-year campaign to support the GOVERNMENT's decision to change its policy on organ donation. The government has announced plans for an opt-out system for organ donation where people over 18 will be presumed to be organ donors unless they opt out, starting in 2020. NHSBT's campaign will raise public awareness and maximise the potential for a cultural shift in behaviour and attitudes.

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    PR Week (01 Aug 2018)

    NHS targets BAME people in organ donor recruitment drive

    NHS BLOOD & TRANSPLANT is rolling out a new campaign to encourage BAME people to donate organs. It is hoped the campaign will contribute to the reduction of numbers of BAME people who die while waiting for an organ transplant, which currently stands at 21% of all those who died while on the waiting list last year. Comparatively, only 7% of donors last year were BAME. The ads specifically aim to encourage BAME people to talk about organ donation with others and ensure their family know they want to be an organ donor.

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