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    The Drum (16 Aug 2018)

    Simpsons creator Matt Groening redesigns Metro masthead to promote Disenchantment

    THE METRO has collaborated with Simpsons creator Matt Groening to promote his new NETFLIX animated series Disenchanted. Groening redesigned the paper's masthead and worked on a cover for entertainment section Scene. The Metro was chosen due to its comparatively young print audience compared to rivals.

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    The Drum (14 Aug 2018)

    Disney, Sony Pictures and Lionsgate invest in short-form streaming platform

    DISNEY, SONY PICTURES and LIONSGATE have all invested in a new TV streaming brand to challenge NETFLIX. NewTV has already attracted backing from several other media companies including ITV. It is expected to launch in late 2019. Consumers will be able to subscribe to an ad-supported or an ad-free version of the platform, which will be optimized for mobile and will feature original short-form series designed for viewing on-the-go.

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