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    The Telegraph (24 Jul 2017)

    Graze groomed for £300m sale as healthy eating booms

    GRAZE is being lined up for a £300m sale next year by its owner Carlyle, the private equity firm who bought a majority £50m stake in the company in 2012. Last year, sales rose 3.2% higher to £70.3m, with most of the growth coming through more than 9,000 high street shop displays. Carlyle is said to have been encouraged by the level of sales growth this year and the continued healthy eating trend.

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    The Grocer (15 May 2017)

    Graze launches trio of oat-based Protein Bites

    GRAZE has released three new oat-based Protein Bites snacks. The range includes Banana, Honey & Seed and Cocoa Vanilla variants.

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