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    Campaign (04 May 2018)

    Nationwide "Mortgage number one" by VCCP

    NATIONWIDE has released the next chapter of its 'Voices Nationwide' campaign that tells the story of Alfred and Elizabeth Idle, the first people to ever get a mortgage from the building society in 1884. A sixty-second ad by VCCP features poet Jo Bell narrating the struggles of Victorian Britain where all Alfred wanted was clean air, drains and fair pay while Elizabeth just wanted to be heard in a time where women were unable to vote. Nationwide provided the Idle family with a mortgage to buy their first home for them and their nine children, costing six shillings a week. The ad ends with a message saying Nationwide helped 73,543 'Alfred's and Elizabeth's' buy a home for the first time in 2017.

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    Marketing Week (02 May 2018)

    Nationwide hires Tanya Joseph for lead comms role

    NATIONWIDE has hired Marketing Week columnist Tanya Joseph as its new director of external relations. Joseph will be responsible for campaigns addressing social issues like housing in her new role.

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