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    The Drum (09 Oct 2018)

    RBS mulls fresh start under alternate corporate identity

    ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND is considering rolling out a new corporate identity to dissociate itself from the 2008 financial crisis. The bank was bailed out at a cost of £45.5bn to the taxpayer and it is still suffering from damage to its reputation as a result. Its subsidiary brands NATWEST and ULSTER BANK survived the crisis and so RBS is considering making investment in these banks a priority for the future.

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    bbc.co.uk (02 May 2018)

    RBS to cut 162 branches and 792 jobs

    THE ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND has announced plans to close 162 branches and cut 792 jobs. Prior plans to launch a new 'challenger bank' named Williams & Glyn, which would have involved several RBS and NATWEST branches, have been called off. The bank is encouraging its customers to use its digital services instead of visiting a branch and is rolling out a taskforce to help them learn how to use online banking.

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