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    Diary Directory (11 Oct 2018)

    Nasty Gal collaborates with MTV Staying Alive Foundation

    NASTY GAL is partnering with MTV's Stay Alive Foundation for a series of tees and sweatshirts bearing the campaign's slogans. The range will promote healthy and safe sex. All products are available to buy now from Nasty Gal's website.

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    Campaign (10 Oct 2018)

    Nasty Gal joins list of brands rapped for unhealthily thin models

    NASTY GAL has had three of its adverts banned by the ADVERTISING STANDARDS AUTHORITY because they featured models deemed to be unhealthily thin. The clothing brand asserted that the models used were a healthy BMI, but the ASA still ruled against it on the basis that the ads portrayed them as underweight by focusing on things like their rib cages.

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