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    Prolific North (29 Oct 2018)

    Cosmetic surgery brand appoints Journey Further

    MYA COSMETIC SURGERY has appointed Journey Further to oversee its PR and SEO. The objective will be to challenge negative perceptions of cosmetic surgery and assert MYA's credibility and authority in the industry. 

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    The Drum (17 Oct 2018)

    ‘Irresponsible’ and ‘harmful’ Love Island Mya breast implant ads banned by ASA

    ADVERTISING STANDARDS AUTHORITY has banned adverts from MYA COSMETIC SURGERY because they are 'irresponsible and harmful'. Several TV spots portrayed women who had had breast enlargement surgery enjoying a holiday in Ibiza. Complainants said trivialized the procedure and made them seem happier for having had surgery - an interpretation the ASA agreed with, as it ruled that the ads portrayed the surgery as 'crucial' to the women's positive attitudes. The campaign ran on ITV hit show Love Island and the broadcaster also came under fire for its decision to air the ads.

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