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    Campaign (02 Jun 2020)

    COVID-19: Muscular Dystrophy UK "Walk the last bit to work" by Atomic London

    MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY UK has launched a campaign created by ATOMIC which encourages people to walk to work, save their Tube fare and donate it to the charity. The campaign outlining the initiative stars eight-year-old Carmela Chillery-Watson who suffers from the condition, and will run on London's Piccadilly Lights as well as outdoor spots, digital and social media. The charity has seen a fall in donations during the coronavirus pandemic and hopes to raise £1m from the campaign to support people who cannot leave the house due to health concerns.

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    Exclusive (02 Jan 2014)

    THE MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY GROUP is to launch a campaign in January entitled 'Sure Change'. Emma Warren will handle the push.