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    Campaign (21 Jun 2017)

    Heineken and Duracell join Amazon's new wave of UK Dash Buttons

    AMAZON has revealed 20 new Dash Buttons allowing UK households to easily reorder items at the touch of a button. Brands include the likes of DURACELL, HEINEKEN, TASSIMO, IAMSMR. MUSCLE, Kiwi and Glade. The most popular button at the moment is ANDREX.

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    The Telegraph (21 Jun 2017)

    Poundland releases 'pre-Brexit' Toblerone copycat product called Twin Peaks - without the gaps

    POUNDLAND has introduced Twin Peaks, a new copycat TOBLERONE bar. The new product has two peaks, instead of the branded bar's single peak, and comes in 180g packages. Toblerone came under fire last year when the gap between peaks was increased in order to keep costs down. 

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