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    Campaign (13 Sep 2018)

    Molson Coors consolidates brands into Havas including Coors Light

    MOLSON COORS has ended its involvement with VCCP by moving its brands to HAVAS without a pitch. Havas has picked up Coors Light and Staropramen from VCCP and added Blue Moon and Pravha to the existing Molson Coors brands it works on. Havas will be working on advertising, sponsorship and activation, PR and customer marketing through its agencies Havas London, CAKE, FIELD DAY and One Green Bean respectively. VCCP will finish its work on Coors Light in the coming months. ZENITH and KINETIC will continue to handle Molson Coors' UK media planning and buying account.

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    The Drum (31 Aug 2018)

    BrewDog trolls beer rivals’ advertising slogans in latest takedown

    BREWDOG has trolled its rivals in the UK beer industry with a campaign targeting the famous slogans of BUDWEISER, CARLING, FOSTERS and STELLA. The campaign was created by ISOBEL and takes the overall consumer scores of popular lagers from the website RateBeer.com. Brewdog's Punk IPA is rated 97/100 while Budweiser, Carling, Fosters and Stella score 0/100, 1/100, 3/100 and 9/100 respectively. The ads feature the beers next to Brewdog with a direct dig to their slogans including 'Wassup, Bud?' to Budweiser and 'Good Call, Fosters?' to Fosters. The campaign will run across the UK on outdoor, press and social.

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