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    Breaking Travel News (20 Nov 2019)

    NATS extends ministry of defence partnership

    NATS and the MOD have extended their future military area radar service contract for an additional nine years, running until March 2030. Civilian and military air traffic controllers will work side by side to ensure safe coordination and collaboration in the UK airspace. The MoD can therefore provide response to military and civil aircraft in distress and support operational and flight training, as well as the extended aeronautical messaging system which provides a worldwide flight planning and aeronautical messaging capability.

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    Campaign (27 Aug 2019)

    Royal Marines "Pirates" by Engine

    THE ROYAL MARINES has launched a new ad as part of its 'It's a state of mind' campaign. Promoting the Royal Marines Commando, the ad shows a gang of pirates relaxing in their remote beach camp, before they disappear out of shot. The text 'You won't see us coming. You won't see us leave' appears on screen. The ad, created by ENGINE, will run across TV, cinema, VoD and social media. 

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