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    The Drum (19 Jun 2017)

    McDonald's walks away from Olympic sponsorship three years early

    MCDONALD'S has ended its sponsorship deal with the International Olympic Committee after 41 years of partnership. The contract was ended three-years early and the IOC has no immediate plans to find a replacement. 

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    Campaign (17 May 2017)

    McDonald's says sorry for exploiting childhood bereavement

    MCDONALD’S has apologised for a recent TV ad that was condemned for exploiting childhood bereavement. The UK-based ad, created by LEO BURNETT, portrays a young boy searching for a connection with his deceased father. He ultimately discovered that he and his father both liked the brand’s Filet-O-Fish. Widows and charity organisation, Grief Encountered, criticised the ad on behalf of those who have lost parents.

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