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    Vegan Food & Living (03 Jan 2020)

    McDonald’s is launching its first fully vegan meal in the UK

    MCDONALD'S has brought its first fully vegan meal to the UK: Veggie Dippers with vegan-friendly fries. Priced at £4.99 the meal will also include a soft drink and sauces. It can also be purchased as part of a Happy Meal for £2.99 or separately for £3.29.

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    Campaign (02 Jan 2020)

    Burger King reveals all 2019 ads featured lurking Big Mac

    BURGER KING has revealed that it hid a MCDONALD'S Big Mac behind every image of its Whopper in its 2019 adverts. Created by BBH, the idea was executed across TV, OOH, print and in-store activity. The work aimed to show how much bigger the Whopper is compared to its rival. 

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