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    PR Week (17 Nov 2017)

    McDonald's gets #ReindeerReady with social Christmas campaign

    MCDONALD'S has launched a 90-second Christmas film which tells the story of a little girl who saves one of her Happy Meal carrot sticks for Santa's reindeer. After carrying the single vegetable around all day, the girl returns home with her father to tell her mother about her special plan. However, her older brother puts his foot in it by mentioning that there will be more than one reindeer. To satisfy her mission, the doting father then drives the little girl back to a McDonald's drive-through and orders a bag of carrots, along with a cheeseburger for himself under the false pretence that it would feed Father Christmas. However, the hungry man has to rethink his order when his daughter tells him that Father Christmas only eats mince pies. The spot, created by LEO BURNETT, debuted on CHANNEL FOUR on 17 November after teaser clips appeared on TWITTER. A partnership with Snapchat will support the work including a carrot-collecting game, a dancing reindeer AR lens and a series of geofilters. RED CONSULTANCY handled PR.

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    The Drum (09 Nov 2017)

    McDonald's entices drivers with traffic influenced copy

    MCDONALD'S and Grand Visual are using traffic data to advertise to commuters, enticing them to nearby restaurants. The campaign, called Traffic Busters, was planned and booked by OMD and TALON across 10 UK cities and is running from 6-15 November.

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