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    The Drum (25 Mar 2020)

    COVID-19: Unilever outlines extensive Coronavirus response programme

    UNILEVER has pledged £92m worth of soap, sanitiser, bleach and food to help organisations on the frontline of battling the coronavirus pandemic. It is also offering £456m of cash flow relief through early payment to small and medium suppliers and extending credit lines for small-scale retail customers. It will also protect the pay of its employees and contractors for up to three months.

    Elsewhere, L'OCCITANE provided hand cream to hospital workers and MCDONALD'S separated its golden arches to promote social distancing.

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    The Drum (23 Mar 2020)

    McDonald’s, John Lewis and Primark forced to close doors amid coronavirus spread

    MCDONALD'S, JOHN LEWIS & PRIMARK have decided to close their stores to help curtail the spread of the coronavirus. Frontline staff at John Lewis will transition to WAITROSE where possible and online trading will continue. 

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