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    Campaign (12 Aug 2019)

    Galaxy "Choose pleasure" by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

    GALAXY has welcomed a fresh female voice for its latest campaign, encouraging consumers to find pleasure and unwind. The work follows a busy woman juggling such things as being a mum, work and gym lifestyle. As the narrator's list goes on, she eventually tells it to shut up, takes a bar of the chocolate from a stranger and walks off. The work was created by ABBOTT MEAD VICKERS BBDO

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    Talking Retail (09 Jul 2019)

    M&M’s moves into block format

    M&Ms is launching in a block format following success in the US and Australia. The blocks will come in Chocolate, Crispy, Hazelnut and Peanut flavours and be priced at £2.49. The launch of the new product in the UK will be supported by a £1.4m campaign including a TV spot. Mars is also adding a Salted Caramel variant to its M&Ms range, which will come in a pouch, treat bag and single bag format. 

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