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    Campaign (01 Mar 2019)

    City of London Corporation "Living Wage" by Creature

    CREATURE is behind a new outdoor campaign for the City of London Corporation promoting the London living wage. One in five people employed in London are not paid a living wage, which the City of London Corporation is hoping to address by encouraging employers to raise wages. Posters will appear in nine LONDON UNDERGROUND stations for the next two weeks as part of the campaign. More than 100 businesses in the City have pledged to pay the living wage.

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    The Drum (14 Feb 2019)

    Love Tube by Lunes

    TRANSPORT FOR LONDON has produced a Valentines Day map of London Underground, changing the names of stations to love-themed puns. Marylebone becomes 'Marry Me Lebone', while Old Street was renamed 'Old Flame Street'. It was created by Lunes.

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