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    Marketing (13 Oct 2010)

    SONY has launched four internet TV sets in the US that are built on the GOOGLE Android platform. Sony is not the first brand to launch a Google TV line, as LOGITECH has already revealed its Revue TV, Sony has the advantage of offering 3D capabilities and an in-built Blu-ray disc player. The models run the Google Chrome browser and include anINTEL Atom processor. Viewers are able to watch TV and surf the internet simultaneously via a double screen. Prices in the US begin at $599.99 (£378.77). The release date for the UK has yet to be announced.

    Exclusive (30 Jul 2010)

    ANATOLIAN SKY HOLIDAYS is launching new marketing brochures for Morocco and Jordan on 16 August. Its PR agency, Four Corners will handle the launch, with Carol Pugh heading the account.