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    Other (05 Mar 2013)

    LINDT is running its first-ever on-pack promotion. The confectioners iconic Gold Bunny product is to offer the chance to win a ‘24-Carrot Gold Holiday’ worth up to £10,000. For 10 weeks, one winner a week will be given the chance to choose from one of 12 gold envelopes by a Lindt experiential team travelling the country. Each envelope contains a 5 night UK family break worth holiday prize to the value of £1,500, except for one, which is worth up to £10,000.

    The Drum (01 Mar 2013)

    LINDT has launched an on-pack promotion on 50g, 100g and 200g packs of Lindt Gold Bunnies. The competition offers consumers the chance to win a holiday, with one family a week winning the chance to pick one of 12 envelopes, one of which contains a holiday worth £10,000. Lindt teamed up with promotional company Toucan to launch the competition.