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    Marketing Week (07 Jan 2013)

    WEIGHT WATCHERS, KELLOGG’s Special K and LIGHTERLIFE are switching the focus of their January campaigns, amid slowing sales in the category. The diet brands aim to emphasise more realistic ways to manage weight loss in a bid to attract new customers. Lighterlife hopes its shift in marketing strategy will kick-start growth across the slowing weight management food and drink sector, with Weight Watchers using psychology to help members identify practical ways of managing weight loss over the long term and Special K focussing less on a number and more on the positive feelings women want to gain. The marketing drives come as sales of diet food and drinks products in the UK over the past five years.

    Marketing Week (20 Dec 2012)

    LIGHTERLIFE is to introduce a new visual identity as it aims to challenge conventions of the weight loss industry. The refreshed brand will be backed by a new year campaign that will move away from the ‘quick fixes’ and ‘big promises’ that other industry leaders portray, instead pledging to be "refreshingly honest" about the weight loss journey its members make with "gentle humour". A TV ad campaign, due to launch on Boxing Day, has been created by BROTHERS AND SISTERS.