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    Campaign (11 Apr 2018)

    Babbel "An alien abroad" by Wieden & Kennedy London

    BABBEL has launched an interesting new 2-minute ad which depicts a day in the life of a travelling alien named Alex, who struggles to communicate with English speakers as he only speaks alien. The extra-terrestrial has trouble with his hotel, transport and ordering food until he spots an advert for Babbel and embarks on an English language course. Despite a few hurdles along the way, Alex finally masters English and is able to communicate with all the people he could not at the start of the ad, demonstrating he has learnt the country's etiquette and colloquialisms as well as the language. The ad, created by WIEDEN & KENNEDY, ends with the strap line 'Speak the language like you've always wanted to'.

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    Exclusive (12 Jan 2018)

    BABBEL has promoted Helene Pinyagin to the role of marketing manager.