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    Leisure Opportunities (05 Mar 2019)

    Peppa Pig theme park potentially in the works as Varney discusses Merlin IP merits

    MERLIN is considering opening a new theme park dedicated to Peppa Pig. It revealed plans to expand its offering by partnering with businesses which don't have their own franchised theme parks. It has previously partnered with LEGO for a similar style of theme park.

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    Campaign (14 Feb 2019)

    Lego launches clothes shop with no clothes

    LEGO is launching a pop-up clothing store without any clothing, containing only a SNAPCHAT code on a plinth. When users scan the code with their phones, the shop is then virtually transformed into an augmented-reality boutique when users can browse Lego's limited-edition clothing line on Lego mannequins. The store is located on Eastcastle Street in London and will also feature an interactive DJ booth and an arcade machine. Customers can buy the clothes with their phones via Snapchat through an integrated 'Show now' service. WE ARE SOCIAL created the idea for the work.

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