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    The Grocer (16 Aug 2018)

    Asda takes plastic off swedes in first of 'rolling programme'

    ASDA has removed packaging from all its whole swedes and has promised a rolling programme to remove plastic across a raft of produce on its fresh aisles. Asda believes the shelf-life of the swedes would remain the same, up to seven days for the British-grown veg. Other trials are being carried out by the retailer as part of its tie-up with packaging experts at LEEDS BECKETT UNIVERSITY. Asda will not be following MORRISONS to remove plastic sleeves from cucumbers due to fears it would increase food waste.

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    The Drum (18 Aug 2017)

    Leeds Beckett University chatbot Becky enrols new students

    LEEDS BECKETT UNIVERSITY has introduced a new chatbot to help with the enrolment and clearing process. 'Becky' can talk to would-be students about term dates, the application process, accommodation, things to do in Leeds and the clearing process.

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