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    The Grocer (10 Aug 2018)

    Heinz Creationz goes premium with shift from can to pouch

    KRAFT HEINZ has revamped its Heinz Creationz range of beans and pulses, changing it from a can to a pouch. The pouch is 36% smaller than the canned version but 36% more expensive, in a bid to premiumise the range. Heinz Creationz will now comprise of Lentil Curry, Mexican Beanz, Italian Beanz, Spanish Beanz, Mexican Beanz, Veg Chilli Beanz, Curry Lentils and Tagine Chickpeas. The relaunch will be supported by a digital push targeted at a pre-family audience.

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    Campaign (25 Jul 2018)

    Watchdog bins Heinz beans ad for second time

    HEINZ has had an ad for its Baked Beanz banned for a second time. Having tried to promote the fact that Heinz beans are high in protein and fibre and low in fat, the spot, created by BBH, featured a man coming back from a workout to drink a beige-coloured shake that had all the same credentials as Heinz beans, which his partner and children were about to eat for their meal. The spot was banned for comparing the nutritional value of the two foods. In the revised version, the brand changed one word to avoid the use of 'same', however complainants argued that the ad still fell short of the grounds on which it was originally banned 

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