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    The Grocer (27 Jan 2020)

    Tesco to remove plastic from branded and own-label tinned multipacks

    TESCO has announced it will remove plastic wrap from its multipack tins in a move to save 350 tonnes of plastic a year. The products will be replaced with plastic-free multibuys with permanent reductions on these products. The move will also effect brands such as HEINZ and roll out from 2 March. 

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    The Drum (06 Jan 2020)

    'Beanz Means Vegan' – Heinz tweaks slogan for Veganuary campaign

    HEINZ has launched a Veganuary campaign to promote the fact that its Beanz is vegan. The month-long campaign will see the company change its familiar Beanz Meanz Heinz slogan to Beanz Meanz Vegan. HAVAS LONDON created the new marketing campaign which features a limited-edition range of tins printed with the slogan. WONDERLAND will also launch a PR campaign to emphasise the message in response to surveys which found 10% of people are unaware that Heinz Beanz is vegan.

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