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    AM Online (07 Mar 2019)

    Supply issues slow Kia's roll out of e-Niro electric car

    KIA's roll out of the full electric e-Niro car has slowed due to issues with supplying batteries. Kia has taken just over 1000 orders for its allocation of 1000 e-Niro's, deliveries of which will begin in the next couple of months. The company will sell around 8000-9000 Niro cars in its first full year, with 1000 full electric, 2000 plug-in hybrid and the balance hybrid. Two-thirds of the orders for the full electric are from the retail market and one-third from fleets.

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    AM Online (05 Feb 2019)

    Kia dealers to offer Pod Point smart chargers with new EVs

    KIA has selected Pod Point to be its official home charging point provider. The deal will see Pod Point install charging units in the homes of Kia customers who have purchased an electric or hybrid marque. The car brand has one of the largest electric vehicle ranges in the UK.

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