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    Campaign (06 Dec 2018)

    KFC dancing spot banned for 'unsafe practice'

    KFC has had a 10-second TV ad banned by the ADVERTISING STANDARD AUTHORITY because it encourages 'unsafe practise'. The ad by MOTHER shows a woman dancing on the edge of a rooftop which KFC said the intention was to 'capture the carefree spirit' associated with its food. The ASA banned the spot because it may see young people try to emulate. It asked KFC to ensure it does not condone or encourage unsafe practise in its marketing.

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    The Drum (12 Nov 2018)

    KFC pits chicken against turkey in a snowy Christmas standoff

    KFC has unveiled a new spot pitting two Christmas meal favourites against each other - chicken and turkey. The dramatic Western-style ad follows a chicken as it treks through forest and mountains to reach a standoff with a turkey. It stands its ground and wins the day while the turkey flees. Out-of-home, press and online work will support the ad. MOTHER devised the campaign.

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