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    PR Newswire (21 Aug 2018)

    Kellogg veteran to lead Europe

    KELLOGG's has promoted David Lawlor to the role of president for Europe.

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    The Grocer (08 Aug 2018)

    Kellogg's Coco Pops Granola ad banned by ASA over HFSS rules

    THE ADVERTISING STANDARDS AUTHORITY has banned a KELLOGG'S ad for its new Coco Pops Granola product following a complaint from the Obesity Health Alliance. The ad was deemed to be targeting a high fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) product at children. Despite Kellogg's insistence that its Coco Pops Granola cereal was not a HFSS product, and that the spot was specifically advertising the Granola product and not the Coco Pops umbrella brand, the ASA thought otherwise. It ruled that viewers were likely to associate the ad with the whole Coco Pops lineup which does contain HFSS products. The ad must not be shown in or adjacent shows likely to appeal to audiences below 16 years of age.

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