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    Campaign (23 Aug 2017)

    Pringles' first chatbot creates personalised music videos

    PRINGLES has released a FACEBOOK Messenger chatbot that allows users to create a personalised music video. Mr. P asks users to film a few dance moves, pick their flavour and then share the resulting music video. DIGITASLBI created the bot, and the larger '#TasteTracks' campaign where participants can win tickets to Ibiza Rocks in September.

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    The Grocer (11 Aug 2017)

    Kellogg's launches first 'Advent calendar' ahead of Christmas

    KELLOGG'S has introduced its first Advent calendar. The 24 Bowls 'Til Christmas calendar will comprise of two dozen single-serve packs of favourite brands including Rice Krispies, Coco Pops and Corn Flakes. The product will go on sale in TESCO on 23 October.

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