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    The Drum (17 Jun 2019)

    Land Rover ad promoting 'Brixton SUV safari' leaves eco-activists fuming

    LAND ROVER has come under fire from environmentalists after releasing its 'Live for the City' ad campaign, which encourages drivers to take a tour around London in their Range Rover Evoque 4x4. The work, created by Spark44, features model and mental health activist Adwoa Aboah driving through London and and speaking about her routines and rituals. The campaign received hundreds of negative comments online suggested the films who lead to people 'poisoning people with exhaust fumes, using inordinate space, and endangering pedestrians'. The brand defended itself by stating that its models were compact SUVS which can run on EV mode with zero emissions. The campaign was designed to show how the SUV can be a vehicle for urban as well as rural settings. 

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    Campaign (29 Apr 2019)

    Jaguar Land Rover trials payment-for-data tech

    JAGUAR is testing a 'connected car' software to reward customers with credit if they set it to automatically report data such as traffic and potholes. It is currently being tested in Ireland in partnership with cryptocurrency technology provider IOTA. Jaguar hope the trials lead to its vehicles being integral data gathers of the future.

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