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    Exclusive (26 Jun 2018)

    THE INTERNATIONAL FUND FOR ANIMAL WELFARE has appointed Rodger Correa to the role of director of communications.

    Campaign (15 Sep 2016)

    IFAW "P.U.P.S." by J. Walter Thompson London

    THE INTERNATIONAL FUND FOR ANIMAL WELFARE has created a toy puppy to warn consumers about the cruelty involved in puppy farming. The toy suffers from a variety of health problems that befell real dogs bought from puppy mills and will be given to MPs in order to lobby for the introduction of dog protection laws. J. WALTER THOMPSON has released a new video styled like a toy advert to promote the cause. The ad shows a girl unwrapping her new Suzy Puppy only to become increasing disturbed by the problems it suffers from. The ad ends by introducing viewers to P.U.P.S. an acronym helping consumers choose happy, healthy pets.

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