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    Campaign (18 Sep 2018)

    Audible launches campaign starring a collective of apes

    AUDIBLE is showcasing the positive responses it elicits in its users compared to other apps in a new campaign by FOLD7 entitled 'Mindful moments'. The audiobook app was among the top ten apps that left users feeling happy in a study conducted by the Center for Humane Technology. The same research found FACEBOOK, SNAPCHAT, INSTAGRAM, Tinder and CANDY CRUSH in the bottom 15. A 30-second spot tells the tale of two orangutans with different smartphone habits; one is mindlessly swiping through social media, appearing down and bored, while the other is engrossed in an audiobook and is seen completing a series of Rubik's cubes. It includes the slogan 'the difference is audible'. The spot will be supported by print activity featuring other primates expressing their appreciation of Audible compared to other apps, and will run on TV, VOD, YOUTUBE and in cinemas. OOH and digital display ads will also roll out from 8 October. HEARTS & SCIENCE handled media planning, buying and audience insight for the campaign. 

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    The Drum (18 Sep 2018)

    Instagram Stories rolls out in-app shopping globally

    INSTAGRAM users around the globe will now be able to shop in-app, including via Stories. The social media app is also adding a personalised shopping channel within its Explore section. MARKS & SPENCER will be among the first to utilise the new features, which are now available in 46 countries. Brands such as ZALANDO are now forging 'Stories-only' deals with influencers, as this area engages users better than the general news feed. The new shopping channel will appear as a Topic in the Explore section and include suggestions based on the users tastes. 

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