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    Convenience Store (23 May 2018)

    Hovis heroes the soft white loaf in TV adverts

    HOVIS has launched a new national TV campaign championing soft white bread. 'It's just bread' aired for the first time during Coronation Street on ITV on 21 May, and will continue to run on TV and on-demand services until 10 June. The ad highlights the role bread plays the everyday lives of consumers, from children making their first sandwiches to new parents enjoying buttered toast during a feed.

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    Campaign (08 May 2018)

    Hovis builds Sherlock Gnomes activation to serve toasties

    HOVIS has teamed up with PARAMOUNT PICTURES to host a Sherlock Gnomes experience ahead of the film's release. Hot Pickle created the 221b Bakery Street activation which had Hovis serving toasties made from its Best of Both range and also included over-sized toadstools, a large magnifying glass, street signs and a red telephone box which feature in the film. The activation took place between 4 and 7 May at WESTFIELD and will also run from 25 to 28 May at Leeds Briggate.

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