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    Convenience Store (20 Jun 2017)

    Hovis unwraps Lower Carb range

    HOVIS has launched a healthier alternative Lower Carb range. 400g full slice versions of Soft & Tasty White, Wholemeal and Deliciously Seeded are offering the lower carb recipe which are also high in fibre and protein. Social media, shopper and PR marketing will accompany the launch. 

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    Talking Retail (01 Jun 2017)

    Hovis launches sampling campaign

    HOVIS has launched a nationwide sampling campaign to promote its wholemeal loaves. A mobile bakery will be giving away more than 250,000 loaves to the public, serving freshly-baked bread with jam and butter, and holding demonstrations on how to make the perfect wholemeal loaf at home. Spectators are being encouraged to get involved by cycling a bike to mill their own flour and have the chance of winning Hovis coupons or a baking tin. Running til the end of June, the mobile bakeries will station in seven UK locations including London.  

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