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    Marketing Week (25 Oct 2018)

    Honda ‘ditches’ agencies in move to take charge of its brand

    HONDA is looking to take more control of its brand, cut costs and widen its appeal beyond boy racers and older people through the creation of content hub Engine Room, which will give it more autonomy over its online media and advertising. The hub allows one person to publish content within an hour, cutting out month-long sign-offs with agencies and a number of additional heads. Honda continues to work with Dentsu for media, but is increasingly working with more independent freelancers and smaller companies. The car marque is looking to digital to help it capture the attention of 'aspirational 25-year olds' and 40- to 50-year olds.

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    Campaign (27 Sep 2018)

    Honda "Dream makers - Jungle" by Wieden & Kennedy London

    HONDA has rolled out a new ad for its sponsorship of CHANNEL 4 films. The animated spot is a snapshot of the process of film-making, paying tribute to 'dream makers' who design and craft films. WIEDEN & KENNEDY created the campaign.

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