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    The Drum (26 Mar 2019)

    Home Office invites applicants for EU Settlement Scheme in a nationwide campaign

    THE HOME OFFICE has launched a nationwide campaign to encourage EU citizens to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme. The month-long outdoor push will run up to the official launch of the programme on 30 March. It will be supported by TV, radio and social media activity, and run alongside a significant recruitment drive. 

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    The Drum (25 Mar 2019)

    Home Office ups fire kills message severity with ‘it only takes one accident’ ad

    THE HOME OFFICE has launched a 30-second spot entitled 'Fire Kills' which pushes the safety message: it only takes one accident to start a fire. Created by FCB INFERNO, the spot shows three scenarios: a man throws a tea towel near a lit stove to go and tend to his children; a woman knocks a plant into a lit candle as she gets up to answer the door; and an overcrowded extension tower frazzles into flames in an empty apartment. The campaign will be supported by radio and and social activity that aims to prevent such situations occurring. Fire and Rescue services nationwide will spread the message on the ground.

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