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    City AM (25 Feb 2019)

    Nokia shows off a five camera array in the Nokia 9 Pureview

    NOKIA has launched a new premium smartphone which includes seven lenses. The Nokia Pureview has five cameras and two flash and colour sensors on the back, with two more cameras on the front, designed to create one large high-definition photo. The £535 phone will launch as a limited run only later this year. 

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    More About Advertising (07 Mar 2018)

    Nokia tests reliability to the limit in Mother’s new ad

    NOKIA has launched a new campaign showcasing the reliability and durability of its phones. The near 2-minute spot, created by MOTHER, tells the story of the relationship between two young boys as they develop into men, seeing them utilise via their Nokia phones across the years and their pivotal life moments including school, marriage and the birth of a first child.

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