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    Campaign (24 Oct 2018)

    Habito "Mortgage hell" by Uncommon

    HABITO has launched a second animated spot as part of its 'Hell or Habito' campaign. The ad by UNCOMMON sees an unsuspecting female type the words 'mortgage broker' into an online search bar. Her computer begins to spew out jargon and acronyms in a wave of green bile, devouring her skin. She then clicks onto Habito via her mobile device, when a pair of angelic house keys appear to save her. GOODSTUFF handled media.

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    Campaign (24 Sep 2018)

    Habito "Hell or Habito" by Uncommon Creative Studio

    HABITO has launched a colourful, animated 30-second spot which positions itself as the preferred mortgage broker. The ad tells the tale of a young man who applies for a mortgage from a regular broker and then a group of hungry hands start clambering on him, taking his money, possessions, organs and soul. The man then manages to apply via Habito on his mobile device, at which point the scary beasts disappear and a pair of house keys wearing angelic wings quietly appears. The work, created by UNCOMMON, runs under the tagline, 'it's either hell or Habito'. 

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