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    The Drum (16 Jan 2020)

    Heineken demonstrates the divide between expectation and reality in Bond parody

    HEINEKEN has launched a new campaign featuring brand ambassador Daniel Craig poking fun at his 007 character. 'Daniel Craig vs James Bond' features the actor relaxing on the beach in Spain. He jumps into a taxi and is recognised by the driver who mouths 'James Bond' and speeds off. Her erratic driving leaves Craig queasy and he exits the cab, leaving behind his passport. He gives chase but quickly runs out of breath. He tracks the driver to a castle and steals a tuxedo to sneak past security. When he finds the driver and asks for his passport, she looks at his name on it and replies: ‘Daniel Craig? Nice try Mr Bond.’ The ad ends with Craig refusing a vodka martini and asking for 0 per cent beer. He shoots a smouldering look as the caption ‘Once James Bond, always James Bond’ appears. The campaign was launched ahead of the new James Bond film No Time to Die in cinemas in April.

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    The Drum (13 Jan 2020)

    Bond stirs controversy by shaking up convention in alcohol-free Heineken ad

    HEINEKEN has launched a controversial campaign to promote its alcohol-free beer, starring James Bond. It features the spy at a cocktail bar opting for the alcohol-free beer over his traditional martini as he is 'working'. James Bond purists have felt that this over commercialises and tweaks the character.

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