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    Campaign (13 Jun 2018)

    Heineken "No compromises" by Publicis Italy

    HEINEKEN has released a new anti-drink driving campaign fronted by 2016 Formula One champion Nico Rosberg. The 60-second ad sees moments in the driver's life where the answer has been 'just one more' (pound to lose, second to win, millimeter to position his vehicle). However, the spot ends with the champion being offered 'just one beer' as a party, which he declines as he is still driving. He then drives off in a car with a number plate reading 'No thanks'. The campaign was created by Publicis Italy and is set to the track 'Under Pressure'. 

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    Campaign (12 Jun 2018)

    Old Mout signs up Michaela Strachan to help save kiwis (the birds) from extinction

    HEINEKEN's Old Mout cider has released a short film starring Springwatch host Michaela Strachan which hopes to save the kiwi bird from extinction. The New Zealand bird population has declined by 99% over the past 50 years due to predators such as stoats and dogs. The cider brand hopes to raise awareness of charity Kiwis for Kiwi which creates predator-free islands to help increase survival rates of kiwi chicks and will donate 20p to the cause for every sign up. The work was created by ST LUKE'S with media handled by STARCOM

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