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    Breaking Travel News (19 Nov 2019)

    British Airways installs artificial intelligence software at Heathrow

    BRITISH AIRWAYS has introduced artificial intelligence at HEATHROW Terminal 5 to aid with efficient and safe flight departures. At present, when customers disembark from a flight, staff manually check and record 18 different activities like the reloading of catering, any issues can cause delays. The new technology will allow issues to be flagged to the manager in charge, empowering them to quickly get the operation back on schedule. 

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    Breaking Travel News (11 Oct 2019)

    Aerotel London opens at Heathrow Airport

    HEATHROW AIRPORT has welcomed Aerotel into terminal 3, its first and only hotel. It's unique booking policy allows guests to check-in at any time of day for six-hours or more.

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